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H2Safety’s technology training includes multi-level courses designed to guide you through two of our proprietary emergency management technology programs.


H2Safety’s H2CommandCentre is an easy to use and essential unified communication system, overcoming the number obstacle in emergency response. Access your digital ERP and provide your team with critical information and communication while the app automatically documents everything as you go. H2CommandCentre is an interactive web-based tool for desktop and mobile users. It allows responders at any location to receive updated information and contributes to documentation requirements.

Our H2CommandCentre courses include Basic Users, Initiator/Administrator, Client Champion, and H2CommandCentre Exercises.


Our Mapping and Response System (MARS) software assists in managing emergency response and complies with AER (Directive 071) and OGC (EMR) emergency response requirements. MARS is an interactive tool with a graphic interface that allows you to define the response area, conduct emergency callouts in less than a minute, record the progress of the response, dispatch personnel, and organize public safety actions.

Our MARS courses include Basic, Advanced, Refresher, and MARS Exercises.


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