Emergency Response Exercises

Your ERP in action

Field Exercises

Our field exercises prepare your team to respond by performing tabletop, communication, and ongoing response exercises to ensure everyone is ready to confidently tackle everything from a small incident to a Level 3 emergency. From the initial steps of an emergency response, to the ongoing management required, we’ll make sure you’re ready to protect.

Major Exercises

Full Mobilization (Major) Exercises are designed to instill the confidence needed to quickly and effectively respond to emergency situations, while fulfilling AER (Directive 071), OGC and CER requirements for a major exercise once every three years, and the CEPA (E2) requirement for a major exercise as part of a five-year plan.

A Full Mobilization (Major) Exercise is focused on testing all aspects of an emergency response, from start to finish. Your team will react to the notification of a potential incident, witness its investigation and learn how to respond. It may include multiple response locations and varying responsibilities. As participants become more comfortable with executing initial response procedures, additional scenarios can be incorporated into the Full Mobilization Exercise. Each session concludes with a valuable debrief so that the team can review their actions, challenges, and successes.

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