MARS | Mapping and Response System

Immediate mapping and callout

H2Safety’s Mapping and Response System (MARS) is your essential public safety tool for emergency management. It reduces notifications from hours to less than a minute.

What is MARS?

H2Safety‘s Mapping and Response System is a software program designed specifically for the oil and gas industry and for emergency response scenarios. Effectively manage the situation, save valuable time, and ensure the safety of the public during an emergency.

MARS is a combination of a graphical mapping tool and an automated callout tool. The user is able to visualize see the emergency situation on a map and MARS will automatically identify all the affected residents and area users. These affected residents and area users will then be notified by the automated callout tool with either a pre-canned or fully customizable message. This takes the stress out of communicating during an emergency situation and ensures that the maximum amount of people are reached in the shortest amount of time. As calls are made and responses are received, MARS will automatically update the statuses of these people visually on the map so that users will know immediately whether people have sheltered-in-place, evacuated, or require additional assistance. In addition to residents and area users, MARS stores all internal company data and automatically informs them with customizable messages, this can be used to deploy responders and keep all company officers updated.

MARS has been designed to meet Western Canadian oil and gas regulations and is customizable to meet any other regulations.

MARS Features

  • MARS gives you a complete picture of the hazard area, including all roads, oil and gas operations, rivers, creeks and streams, as well as topography and satellite imagery.
  • Automatically generate reports that detail emergency phone numbers and key information for all members of the public, government agencies, and area users.
  • Email screenshots and status updates to users in a pre-determined list of contacts with the built-in notification tool.
  • Training mode allows responders to train and conduct exercises with the same fully-functioning tool used in a real emergency.
  • Works with or without an internet connection.
  • In the unlikely event of a system failure, critical backup servers are in place to ensure no loss of information or functionality.

MARS allows the user to:

  • Quickly change both the size and shape of Emergency Planning Zones.
  • Modify residences to indicate status (evacuated, sheltered, requires assistance, etc.)
  • Manage emergency resources such as roadblocks and air monitors.
  • Customize internal callout lists and send notifications of the emergency situation by phone and email, regardless of where the user is located.
  • Add comments and markups to the map.
  • Compile information retained by MARS so that anyone can review exactly what happened during and after the event.
  • Determine the Level of Emergency quickly and easily using the levels of emergency wizard. The wizard determines the severity of the situation based on user input and in accordance with government regulations.
  • Plot driving directions between custom locations. Users can create waypoints or search for existing addresses.

Callout Feature
MARS’ Callout feature is an automated callout system that allows the user to control calls and manage responses.  It is designed to initiate hundreds of phone calls in under a minute.

The Callout feature works hand-in-hand with MARS to ensure up-to-the-minute updates, instant map refreshes, tracking of phone calls, and a retained log of all actions.

Callout messages can be predefined or customized to suit the requirement. For example, IIZ, PAZ and EPZ can be assigned different messages simultaneously.  The people notified will be given clear direction on what to do and are able to provide an immediate response of acknowledgement, request assistance, or speak to a company representative. The callout can be used for residents, government agencies, area users, company internal or any other user-defined callout group.

In addition to meeting the specific needs of emergency response, MARS can also be used for:

  • Flaring notifications
  • Plant evacuations
  • Shift change notifications
  • Transportation road advisories
  • And any other notification requirement

MARS Advantages

  • Provides the public with peace of mind.
  • Designed specifically for oil and gas.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Manages all of your data.
  • Saves valuable time in an emergency.
  • Cost-effective. Before MARS, numerous emergency responders were required to create lists, telephone the public, the government and company personnel and analyze the data. This process took hours and consumed valuable resources.
  • MARS notifies hundreds or even thousands of affected contacts, including residents, government agencies, and area users.
  • Quickly and easily isolate the emergency area and identify the affected public.
  • With a few clicks of the mouse, MARS allows you to send custom messages and emails to residents, government, area users, and internal company resources.
  • MARS will constantly update the status of your emergency.
  • The graphical mapping feature in MARS allows you to incorporate wind direction to instantly determine the Initial Isolation, Protective Action, and Emergency Planning Zones.
  • Simplifies the government mandated risk matrix to allow you to quickly and accurately determine the level of emergency and report it to all emergency responders.
  • A valuable tool for exercises and training.
  • Compact program footprint works with or without an available internet connection.
  • Stored sessions make it easy for you to return to them for completion or for review. All actions are logged and stored for regulatory audits.
  • Meets regulatory requirements for ERCB Directive 071, as well as other mandatory protocols throughout North America.


  • What operating system does MARS run on? more...

    Currently MARS operates on the Windows operating system.

  • How much does MARS cost? more...

    MARS is very affordable for all sizes of companies. MARS pricing is based on an annual seat license and is dependent on which features of MARS are chosen.

  • How quickly can I get MARS set up at my locations? more...

    MARS is available immediately and can be installed on your PC within a matter of minutes.

  • Can I customize MARS to meet my specific requirements? more...

    Yes. Our in-house development team allows us to deliver a product that meets the specific requirements of our customer.

  • Can I run MARS without an internet connection? more...

    Yes. We understand that our clients operate in remote areas that often don’t have network connections, that is why MARS was designed to run as a stand alone system without a network connection.

  • What happens if my computer crashes? more...

    MARS automatically saves sessions so that in the unlikely event that your computer fails, the information is easily retrievable and the session can be restored so that you can carry on where you left off.

  • Can I just use the callout feature of MARS without the mapping feature? more...

    Yes. MARS’ two unique features can be operated independently of each other. We also have a web-based callout tool if you do not require the GIS component.

  • How fast can phone calls be completed<strong>?</strong> more...

    MARS’ callout feature can initiate thousands of phone calls within minutes.

  • Can I use MARS in any province in Canada? more...

    Yes. MARS works anywhere in the world.

  • Can I use MARS in the U.S? more...

    Yes. MARS works anywhere in the world.

  • Will MARS work with an air card? more...

    Yes. The MARS program is installed directly on each machine and will work within any configuration that specific machine has.

  • What is MARS’ uptime? more...

    99.9%. We get instant notification upon any disruptions. We have numerous servers supporting the system.

  • Who is MARS’ phone provider? more...

    We use state of the art Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology

  • Can I record my own message to be used for MARS callout? more...

    MARS’ callout feature allows the user to type out a custom message to be relayed to the recipients.

  • Can MARS be used on an internal company network? more...

    Yes. MARS is designed to work both independently on single machines and via a network structure.

  • Can residents who are contacted via MARS’ callout feature speak to a real live person? more...

    Yes. Upon being contacted, each resident is given the option to request a call back by a company representative.

  • Does MARS support multiple users? more...

    MARS’ ease of use allows a single person to manage all aspects of an emergency. If the situation dictates, MARS can be split into different sessions with each user managing a different aspect of the emergency.

  • What kind of support is offered by MARS? more...

    We offer custom levels of support for each of our clients. Contact us for more information on a support package that meets your needs.

  • How frequently does MARS data get updated? more...

    After MARS’ initial setup, data is available to be updated monthly but will depend on your needs.

  • What happens if updates are made to MARS? more...

    As we are continually improving MARS, new updates will be made available for users to download and install.


Contact us for more information and a demo on how MARS can work for you.



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