Level of Emergency

Classify an incident and respond the right way — fast

With our free Level of Emergency (LOE) app, oil and gas organizations in Alberta can determine the severity of their emergency in seconds, not minutes, freeing up time to focus on response.

Our Emergency Assessment Matrix for LOE is based on the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Directive 071 criteria for classifying an incident in the oil and gas sectors of Alberta. LOE guides you through a series of questions pertaining to the emergency and determines the level of it. From an Alert Level to a Level 3 emergency, LOE provides clear instructions on the response measures as dictated by the AER, which ensure that the emergency is dealt with in a timely manner for stakeholder protection.

Key Features:

  • Based on AER Directive 071
  • Classifies an emergency in seconds
  • Detailed instructions on response measures


LOE is available as a free download.
Download the iOS app.
Download the Android app.
Download the Blackberry 10 app.
Download the BlackBerry OS 7 and earlier app.


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