Instant, reliable Mass Notification

Sends emergency communications in seconds with H2Notify. The easiest to use mass notification system in existence, H2Notify protects the public, workers, environment and your reputation by providing instant emergency alerts and critical information to contacts in the emergency area. As notifications are sent out, the app allows you to monitor stakeholder responses in real time to ensure you know your alert is reaching everyone potentially involved.

Municipalities, communities, oil and gas companies, and other major organizations rely on H2Notify to deliver their messages quickly and reliably.

Key Features:

  • Manage contact groups by geographic location or position, neighbourhood, quadrant, proximity to hazard, job title, and more.
  • Re-send notifications only to those who did not acknowledge the initial message.
  • Export notification logs for recordkeeping.
  • Send messages via email, text and/or phone call.
  • Conduct polling.


H2Notify is available as a free download.
Download the iOS app.
Download the Android app.


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