AFDS | Automatic File Delivery System

Document distribution made easy

Automatic File Delivery System (AFDS) application saves you time and updates all your information in one spot, alleviating the headache of constant updates to printed materials.

Frequent changes made by regulators make it challenging to keep emergency management plans up-to-date. With AFDS, users can access their digital emergency response plan materials on any computer, phone or device wherever they are—with or without an Internet connection.



  • Deliver documents to phones, laptops & tablets via web portal
  • Eliminate bulky binders
  • Access via the web


  • Documents are stored locally
  • No internet is required to see your files when you’re on the go
  • Increase public confidence and social license value by being prepared 24/7


  • Upload files to a web portal and instantly push out to all registered devices
  • Automatically check and download new documents as they become available
  • Ensure current content & reduce errors
  • Track update compliance with time & date stamps



Deliver Offline Content to your Phone, Tablet, or Computer

  • Old documents are removed, keeping you current
  • Automatically download new content
  • Control Access to keep information secure
  • Reduce the need for bulky binders
  • Access your documents 24/7

Save Money While Benefitting the Environment

  • Update Information Faster Saving Time and Money
  • Eliminate Printing and Distribution Costs
  • Minimize Your Ecological Footprint


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