Technology you can rely on

As industry innovators, we continually invest in rapid, reliable, user-friendly technology for every stage of your emergency management program. Our proprietary fail proof technology can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

In an emergency, there’s no time to waste. Our technology amplifies your emergency response program and can be likened to upgrading from dial-up to high-speed Internet. Quickly communicate with your staff, the public, and first responders with the click of a button. Instantly update every copy of your safety files, and send perfectly documented incident reports to government agencies. Efficient and easy to use, our technology works, every time.

We diligently assess your needs to develop a custom program that will protect people, places, and assets in any emergency. To safeguard your investment and instill stakeholder confidence, we also provide customized training solutions for each type of technology we offer.

Our software works on virtually any type of digital platform. Learn more about how and when our technology comes into play below:

AFDS | Automatic File Delivery System
EDS | Emergency Documentation System
LOE | Level of Emergency
LT | Lease Tracker
MARS | Mapping and Response System




  • Mitigate

    Respond to any incident with confidence and effectively protect your community and investments. Hazard assessments and effective analytical tools are accessible to all. | AFDS

  • prepare

    Be assured that every member of your team has the most current version of your emergency management and HSE documents, manuals, procedures and contact lists. | AFDS

  • Respond

    Step 1: Determine the level of emergency | LOE

    Step 2: Internal notification | EDS
    Get big quick. Instantly notify your response teams, send customized notifications, and share important information.

    Step 3: External notification | H2Notify, EDS, MARS
    Contact government agencies and other external resources.

    Step 4: Create a plan | AFDS
    Keep your emergency response plans (ERPs), tools, and forms up-to-date, accurate, and accessible.

    Step 5: Public notification | MARS, H2Notify
    Engage the essential public safety tools. These easy-to-use notification systems are rich in features and reduce notifications from hours to less than a minute.

  • Recover

    Document and time-stamp every step of the process in chronological order. | EDS

    Instantly deploy information. | AFDS