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We are all now facing the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19. From managing communication with your employees, to establishing effective remote working solutions, to still having the ability to respond to an incident, we recognize that the need for software that addresses these challenges is higher than ever before.

We exist to protect – and it is in times like these that we must go above and beyond what is normal, as there is no such thing as “normal” these days.

We are offering our H2CommandCentre software to any schools, hospitals, qualifying businesses and government agencies for free during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Easily notify mass groups of people with your message using H2Notify.
Establish instant, unified communication with your team while working remotely using H2Common Operating Picture.

We invite you to forward this webpage to any and all contacts you have that may benefit from the use of H2CommandCentre due to the ongoing Pandemic.

If you or a business you know is interested in using H2CommandCentre, or if you are unsure if your business qualifies for a free license, please contact or call 403-212-2332, or fill in the form below

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