Public Consultation

Access to accurate information is essential to protecting the public and ensuring they feel safe. H2Safety gathers and maintains information that is vital to an effective response to any incident.

H2Safety’s Public Awareness Specialists consult with individuals, businesses, organizations, and agencies to gather and maintain the information that will enable a quick and effective response. We adjust the scope of work to complement your needs. Open houses, telephone consultations and flaring notifications are just some of the additional services we offer.

Our Public Awareness Specialists review the public information package with each resident within the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ). They will provide information and respond to any questions about:

  • The nature of the operations
  • The hazards associated with the operations
  • The measures that are in place to protect the public
  • The procedures that would be implemented during an incident

GIS data is directly linked to our resident database to eliminate the potential for errors. Reports outlining resident details can be customized to your preference. GPS technology is utilized to pinpoint the exact location of homes, businesses, camps, and other features such as impassable roads or buildings with remote access.

In addition to engaging residents, H2Safety works with local authorities and government agencies to notify them of operations, as well as consult and coordinate with them regarding the roles and responsibilities required for effective emergency response.

Safety is always our top priority when working in the field. Our Public Awareness Specialists are certified in H2S Alive, WHMIS and First Aid. H2Safety staff use a check-in procedure and GPS tracking system when working alone or in remote areas. Additionally, our Public Awareness Specialists are always available to take part in our client’s onsite orientations and safety meetings.

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