H2Safety's Services

We offer a variety of services to meet your Emergency Response Program needs.


Emergency Response Management protects public safety and the environment by establishing a decision framework and action plan that enables a quick and effective response to any incident. H2Safety is able to handle all aspects of Emergency Response Management in-house and will develop an Emergency Response Program to meet your needs and budget.

Access to accurate information is essential to protecting the safety of the public. H2Safety’s Public Awareness Specialists consult with individuals, businesses, and agencies in order to gather and maintain the information that is required by responders.

The H2Safety GIS / Mapping Department develops visual representations of critical information. Our maps allow users to visualize, understand, and interpret information vital to an effective emergency response.

Our Training Programs ensure that designated personnel are ready and able to respond quickly and appropriately to any incident.

“We offer a high degree of customization and a high degree of professionalism.
We spend a lot of time training and developing our people to ensure a high-end,
customized and an on-time product.”

James Harasen, President & CEO


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