Software Products

Designed to help you be prepared, no matter where you are.

Our affordable products are custom designed to ensure our customers are ready when an incident occurs. Whether we are producing products for a full-scale Emergency Management Program or a one-time project, H2Safety is ready to exceed our customer’s expectations. We diligently work with our customers to assess their needs and develop a custom program that will prepare them for any emergency. We recognize that not all customers are the same and that is why we have a vast range of products to ensure our customers will always have the right tool.

Our software products work on a variety of platforms, including Windows, and on mobile devices running iOS, Android, or BlackBerry 10.

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In September 2011, the Government of Alberta enacted, Bill 16, also known as the Distracted Driving Legislation. For your own safety as well as the safety of everyone on the road, please do not use H2Safety software products or any other functions of your smartphone while driving.