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Pandemic Response Plans Now Available

We have been asked by several clients to develop Pandemic Response Plans (PRP) for their business, and we believe that many more of you may also require more assistance. 

H2Safety is pleased to offer custom Pandemic Response Plans to suit the needs of your business and operations.  Protecting the safety of your workers and ensuring your business is equipped to continue operating in the event of a Pandemic is crucial.  Some of the potential risks to your business include:

  • Essential business services not being maintained
  • Field production shut-in and potential revenue loss
  • Loss of employee confidence
  • Loss of investor confidence

The PRP aligns to current H2Safety Emergency Response Plan and ICS principles, as well as World Health Organization and Public Health Agency of Canada principles.  The PRP also includes specific responsibilities for your Pandemic Response Team Personnel, as well as identifying and sustaining essential business services, personnel, technology requirements and external third party support.  To protect your business even further, your custom PRP includes specific strategies for several different infectious diseases. 

Through the Pandemic Response Plan, your business will be prepared to effectively operate through a Pandemic, your employees will understand your company’s objectives and their own roles in the event of a Pandemic and employee education promoting prevention and hygiene can result in lower employee absenteeism.

Get a free, one year license of H2Notify with your Pandemic Response Plan and instantly let your employees know of company wide alerts.

Please contact your Project Manager or email us at or give us a call at 403-212-2332 to get started on protecting your business with a Pandemic Response Plan today.

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