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Pandemic Field Protection Strategy

As part of our Corporate Pandemic Response Plan, we have developed a Field Protection Strategy to prevent and manage communicable disease transmission and outbreaks.  

Industrial camp settings, along with office environments and essential businesses, cultivate the transmission of infections from person to person.  Some common communicable disease outbreaks in these settings are related to gastrointestinal or influenza-like illnesses, including the current COVID-19 virus.   With a Field Protection Strategy, your company will have the ability to:

  • Avoid coworkers becoming unnecessarily infected and exposed to communicable disease and the risk of adverse health effects 
  • Create an internal system where public health systems can readily and efficiently work to quickly contain the spread of infection
  • Avoid potential lost productivity and unnecessary expenses that may be incurred by prolonged infectious disease outbreaks
  • Minimize potential impacts to neighboring communities and the local health care system

With a flexible framework, the Field Protection Strategy can be modified for either large or small settings, including offices and essential businesses that must maintain a staff presence.  From planning, preparation, response and recovery, this Strategy covers every step of what your business needs to do to effectively handle and contain an infectious outbreak, and ensures that you have a plan in place to continue your normal business operations.  

It ensures a plan is developed to include imperative items like:

  • A robust risk overview
  • Planning procedures (characteristics of the disease, turnover pattern of workers, proximity to nearby communities, medical services/devices on site, etc.)
  • Data collection
  • Policies and procedures for symptom evaluations
  • Notifications to other employees/the public/applicable health authorities
  • Engineering and administrative controls
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Minimum staffing levels to be maintained
  • Established business continuity plans
  • And more 

To arrange for a customized Pandemic Response Plan, including an appropriate Field Protection Strategy for your business, please either fill in the form below, email Ryan Groot, or call 403-200-1511. 

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