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Methane Emissions Regulations

In 2015, the Government of Alberta directed us to develop requirements to reduce methane emissions from upstream oil and gas operations by 45 per cent (relative to 2014 levels) by 2025.

The new edition of Directive 060 came into effect on January 1, 2020, including the methane reduction requirements. The new edition of Directive 017 is effective immediately following its release.

The requirements address the primary sources of methane emissions from Alberta’s upstream oil and gas industry: fugitive emissions and venting, which includes emissions from compressors, pneumatic devices, and glycol dehydrators. The requirements also focus on improved measurement, monitoring, and reporting of methane emissions.

Below are the tasks that clients should be doing. Based on the information, we will help clients developing strategies to meet regulation/ target through 2025. 

The first annual methane report for the 2019 calendar year was due on June 1st, 2020. (This deadline is not delayed/ impacted by COVID-19). 

We are reporting the information below for our clients under Onestop: 

  1. Facility information: Facility ID, Name, Operator, Facility Sub type, location, licence, and licensee
  2. Defined gas volume and methane emission
  3. Pneumatic devices: Instruments and pumps
  4. Compressor seals
  5. Glycol Dehydrators
  6. Fugitive emissions

For more information or to get started, please email Mark Hudson (403-862-5531) , or Ryan Groot (403-200-1511) or fill in the form below.

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