HSE Management System Support

Save time. Gain Peace of mind.

24-Hour HSE Subject Matter Support

Enjoy peace of mind having a senior-level H2Safety advisor at your disposal by phone, email or in-person. When contacted, we will respond to any incident, emergency, or HSE-related concerns you have—big or small. If you’re experiencing unrest after an emergency, we will visit you, conduct a thorough investigation of the incident, and submit and file all necessary reports.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Increase productivity by receiving convenient weekly or monthly emails summarizing any important compliance changes relevant to emergency management and HSE. We’ve partnered with a highly-credible regulatory compliance organization to provide reports that cut through the noise and convey timely information to your leadership team, building a strong workplace safety and compliance reputation.

Contractor Management

Businesses must keep track of their contractors’ insurance coverage and safety program certifications at all times to meet regulatory requirements. We save you time by establishing Contractor Management Protocols through your HSE Management System and helping to determine the need for subscribing to a contractor management support service.

Competency Assessment and Management

Ensuring regulatory compliance means your employees must be deemed trained and experienced. H2Safety will work with your Management and Field Operations to develop a customized suite of competencies for all positions within your company, and establish a process to ensure they are being assessed.

Environmental Reporting

H2Safety has established protocols to offer you professional and timely environmental reporting that ensure regulatory commitments are met in an effective manner. We assist in National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI), Fugitive Emissions Management (FEMS), Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting and Benzene Emissions reporting.


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