HSE Management System Development

Effective Safety Planning

HSE Management System Gap Analysis

Gain clarity as to what your organization’s needs truly are, so you can implement a compliant, practical, and effective HSE Management System. We’ll review your current program and contrast it with best practices, including COR, government and other applicable protocols, to identify areas of strength and improvement.

HSE Management System Development

H2Safety creates tailored HSE plans and systems to meet Enform COR Protocol and provincial requirements, instilling confidence that your employees, stakeholders and the environment will be protected. Our HSE MS includes the following:

  • Corporate Duty Policies.
  • Corporate Standards (8), as per COR
  • Codes of Practice/Exposure Control Plans, based on provincial requirements.
  • Safe Work Practices, based on your operations and associated hazards.
  • HSE Forms, customized to your needs and preferences.

HSE MS Orientation Program Development

Based on your current health and safety initiatives, we create more specific programs to set the expectation for those who are overseeing worksites. Our programs build confidence in your worksite safety and ensure all personnel understand their responsibilities. We provide:

  • Corporate and Field HSE MS Indoctrination
  • Field/Contractor HSE MS Orientation
  • Worksite Supervisor Orientation

Safe Operating Procedure Development

H2Safety works directly with field operators to ensure all programs reflect the needs and nuances of your worksite. We develop detailed procedures that ensure all parties understand the hazards, risks, mitigation strategies and execution of field operations.



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