Save valuable time and ensure public safety with effective situation management.

H2Respond is designed specifically for oil and gas industry emergency response scenarios. The app combines a fully functional GIS tool designed for emergency response and an automated callout tool. Users can access information on company assets with advanced navigation features, define emergency planning zones and identify all stakeholders located within, and use the callout feature to automatically conduct resident callouts and gather all pertinent emergency response information from any area.

In addition to residents and area users, H2Respond stores all internal company data and automatically informs them with customizable messages. This feature can be used to deploy responders and keep all company officers updated.

Designed to meet Western Canadian oil and gas regulations and customizable to meet any other regulations.

  • Interactive GIS mapping.
  • Generate lists of residents and other critical stakeholders in seconds.
  • Automated callout and text function for mass notification.
  • Dispatch personnel to response locations.
  • Web-based, responsive on all devices.
  • Emergency response specific drawing tools.
  • Place ICS symbology on the map (i.e. roadblocks, staging area, ICP).
  • Hover over any map feature (surface development, waterway, etc.) to access relevant landmark details.
  • Communicates with H2COP and shares resident data with H2SIMS

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