H2Incident Action Plan

ICS made easy

We make the Incident Command System (ICS) easy.  Fully integrated with Common Operating Picture and the rest of the H2Command Centre Suite, emergency management is now simple and intuitive.  You should be able to focus your time and energy on the Response, not the software, and with H2Incident Action Plan, you can.

H2Incident Action Plan.
Mange your Response, not the software.

  • Virtual EOC brings together all of your response teams
  • Allows simultaneous input from multiple responders in multiple locations, automating the flow of information between your response team members
  • Use ICS Canada, National Incident Management System, or your company’s version of ICS forms to effortlessly generate an IAP
  • Easy to customize with your response tools and forms
  • Check in and out both in person and virtually
  • Intuitively manage your emergency
    • Meeting schedules
    • Management by objectives
    • Operational Period reporting
    • Integrated Communication & Mobilization
    • Automatic generation of organizational charts
    • Easy use of your templates for any form (i.e. Medical,  Environmental, etc.)
    • Resources tracking
    • Pre-loading your supplemental response plans
    • Creates a repository of incident information
  • Did we mention easy to use?

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