H2Common Operating Picture

Get your team on the same page in an instant.

H2Common Operating Picture allows you to notify and assemble your emergency response team(s) in an instant and immediately provide them with critical information (ICS 201, site pictures, spill trajectories, etc.), creating an effective common operating picture in the first operational period. The app provides an easy to use and essential unified communication system, overcoming the numerous obstacles in emergency response.

Every action is automatically date and time stamped. When it’s time to review, the app allows you to generate reports for dissemination and post-incident reporting instantly.

H2Common Operating Picture
A solution that removes confusion and automates time-costly tasks so you can focus on response.

  • Instantly mobilize response team(s).
  • Unified communication with all responders.
  • Access and manage ICS forms and documents.
  • Manage all attached documents and pictures.
  • Quickly generate reports for dissemination and post incident reporting.
  • Assign ICS positions and automatically generate ICS org charts.
  • Track location of responders in real time.

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