Where you go to manage your emergency.

H2CommandCentre is your central platform for emergency management. H2Common Operating Picture, H2E-ERP, H2Respond, H2SIMS, H2GRP, H2Notify, H2IAP, H2Wildfire and other key apps are seamlessly integrated into the platform, providing every tool you need to prepare for and manage emergency situations. From mapping and stakeholder engagement to communication between corporate and the field, right to the review of all information during the recovery stage, H2CommandCentre is your comprehensive solution. Designed to protect the public, workers, environment, and your reputation.


Everything you need to manage your emergency regardless of the industry or location you work in.


  • All emergency management tools integrated into one central platform.
  • All actions documented automatically for review.
  • Easy access to necessary documents and information.
  • The only app platform built entirely around ICS principles.

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