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Protect the public, environment, and your reputation

H2Safety prides ourselves on understanding and anticipating the needs and concerns of the public in order to address them in a positive and proactive way.

Our team of Public Awareness Specialists have years of experience with thousands of individual consultations.

Each Specialist strives for open communication with the public by listening to resident concerns, allaying worries and ensuring the residents completely understand their involvement in the Emergency Response Plan. We create a public information package and review it with each resident within the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ), providing valuable information on:

  • The nature of operations
  • The hazards associated with the operations
  • The measures that are in place to protect the public
  • The procedures that would be implemented during an incident

We also work with local authorities and government agencies to notify them of operations, and to coordinate the roles and responsibilities necessary for effective emergency response.

Safety and protection are our top priorities when working in the field.

Our Public Consultation Specials are certified in H2S Alive, WHMIS, and First Aid. Additionally, we are always available to take part in our clients’ onsite orientations and safety meetings. To ensure quality, consistent processes have been developed and are strictly adhered to. This process follows regulatory guidelines and includes documentation of all special needs, such as egress issues, health or transportation concerns, uncooperative residents, etc. Our Project Managers work with each client to ensure that their standards are incorporated into the data collection and management process.

The H2Safety Public Involvement Program meets all regulatory requirements while ensuring clients maintain their positive relationship with the community.

On An Annual Basis, H2Safety:

  • Maintains a database of more than 20,000 current residences and stakeholders
  • Conducts approximately 5000 individual government consultations
  • Notifies more than 30,000 area users
  • Ground truths hundreds of thousands of kilometres of roads to ensure accurate resident locations on maps



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