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Ensure you're compliant, no matter how complex the project.

H2Safety is highly experienced in performing hazard calculations for numerous provincial and federal regulations to ensure the highest level of protection.

We guide you through the requirements and options available for existing oil and gas infrastructure and help you plan for new projects.

New planning and existing projects require a complete knowledge of regulations and options to fully protect you from an emergency. We provide an impact analysis to all applicable clients when a new regulation is proposed or released. In addition, we provide a gap analysis on every new client’s existing program to ensure it meets all applicable regulatory requirements.

We also assist with regulatory compliance. H2Safety takes care of well licensing and Emergency Response Plan requirements at the same time to ensure your rigs are never sitting idle, waiting for an ERP approval. Our expertise in complex projects and involvement in numerous Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) public hearings, including acting as expert witnesses, ensure you have a reliable, experienced partner on your side.

Emergency Planning Zone Calculations

H2Safety completes EPZ calculations using the nomograph model (BCOGC), ERCBH2S model (AER) as well as hazard dispersion modelling using RMP Comp and ALOHA (Environment Canada, CER, BCOGC). All calculations are completed under the supervision of an in-house professional engineer.

All Hazard Assessment

As one of the key drivers in developing an effective Emergency Management plan, our experts understand how critical it is to complete an accurate hazard assessment to ensure regulatory compliance. H2Safety provides All Hazards calculations including toxicological, fire, and explosion.


Engineering Services:

  • Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) and Hazard Planning Zone (HPZ) calculations
  • Sour gas, HVP, CEPA storage tanks and all hazards (toxicity, flammability, and overpressure) modelling
  • Pipeline level determinations and ESD location guidance
  • Public Impact Studies
  • Pipelines connectivity drawings

Regulatory Services:

  • Well licensing and audits
  • AER Directive 56 Confirmation of Nonobjection and Notification
  • AER Directive 60 Flaring Notifications
  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) registrations
  • Regulatory hearing support and expert witnesses


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