Emergency Response Plans

Corporate ERPs that go above and beyond to protect.

H2Safety’s free Corporate Emergency Response Plans protect your stakeholders and lay the foundation for a safety culture within your organization.

We believe ERPs are only one component of a comprehensive Emergency Management Program. That’s why we are proud to provide them at no cost.

At H2Safety, we don’t believe in boilerplates. We go above and beyond basic ERP systems to deliver an ERP that is tailored specifically to your needs, backed by expert guidance and consultation. ERPs shouldn’t just exceed compliance regulations, they should be a functional tool for responders. Every ERP we develop is organized and prioritized to provide quick access to critical information.

We offer our accurate and up-to-date ERPs in a variety of convenient formats, including full-size hard copies. Every ERP integrates digitally with the H2CommandCentre app, which plays a major role in managing continual regulatory changes. Go digital and never worry about updating your plan or meeting compliance requirements again.


H2Safety ERPs exceed industry and competitor standards:

  • Increased functionality; locate critical information quickly and easily due to optimal layout and functional tools
  • Customized to meet applicable regulations, including AER, CER, BCOGC, etc, depending on client operations
  • ERPs are organized and prioritized based on real-world use in an emergency
  • Plans can be tailored to meet specific needs while benefiting from H2Safety‘s signature format
  • Continuous improvements are applied based on client, regulatory, and training session feedback
  • The 5 Step Approach utilized in the ERP makes emergency response seem significantly more manageable
  • The in-house print shop can produce any format required
    • A functional one-page format for production site-specific ERPs
    • Full-size binder, truck book, flip book, one-page site-specific ERP, etc.
  • Our ERPs can be incorporated into H2CommandCentre — Save on printing costs and improve efficiency


To view a sample plan or arrange a free consultation, contact us.


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