Audits & Evaluations

Instil confidence — ensure your Emergency Management is truly designed to protect.

H2Safety protects our clients utilizing thorough audits and evaluations — we identify the gaps and help you close them.

H2Safety offers a big-picture perspective when evaluating your emergency management program, using our depth of experience to uncover any and all deficiencies. We monitor industry and regulatory changes and work with you to ensure your program will pass any audit. We review your emergency documentation using a customized evaluation checklist, participate in and evaluate emergency response exercises, and develop a final evaluation report.

Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Gap Analysis

We review your assets and their impact on surface developments, identify corresponding regulatory requirements in your geographical locations (AER, OGC, NEB, etc.), and distinguish whether your existing ERP is compliant. H2Safety ERP Gap Analysis is offered as a free service to our clients.

Emergency Management Program Evaluation

H2Safety evaluates your emergency management program from all angles. We ensure each department within your company is engaged and aligned, instilling confidence that the public, workers, environment, and your reputation are protected.

Training and Exercise Evaluations

Emergency training and exercises are required to meet many conditions and must be audited by an external third-party company. We evaluate tabletop and full-mobilization exercises while considering your knowledge of and adherence to ICS principles, regulatory evaluations criteria, your company’s objectives, and success of the overall response.


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