Train your team to become emergency response experts.

H2Safety empowers your team to confidently respond by cultivating in-house experts.

As a component of the Emergency Management Program, H2Safety collaborates with the client’s Emergency Management team to develop an effective Training Program. Each program is designed to meet applicable regulatory requirements and ensure responders are fully prepared in the event of an emergency.

Our planning and development takes into consideration the specific requirements of your Emergency Management Program and allows for multiple levels of training as well as specialized modules for different roles within the ICS structure.

H2Safety has developed and delivered training sessions all over Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Manitoba, China, Indonesia, and the United States, and we continue to provide these services across the globe. Every one of our training sessions is custom-designed to cover the unique challenge of each area’s surroundings and client-specific operations.

Custom Programs with Highly Qualified Instructors

  • H2Safety delivers training that turns responders into emergency response experts
  • All of our instructors are ICS certified
  • Our Training Specialists conduct hundreds of training sessions/exercises every year, making our team one of the most experienced in the field
  • We follow up with each training session with a detailed summary, action plan, and ongoing management to continuously improve their client’s Emergency Management program
  • Media Training – Prepare your team to manage the media in an emergency and effectively communicate in a manner that protects your reputation and ensures the public receives important safety information
  • Technology Training – Includes courses and demos of our proprietary emergency management software
  • ICS Courses Available

Click here to view our full training catalogue with course descriptions, or contact us for more information.


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