Our software works!

We build confidence in our products by continually investing in rapid, reliable, user-friendly technology for every stage of emergency response. Our products enable effective notification and communication with stakeholders and responders by documenting information at each stage of the process, no matter where you are in the world.

AFDS | Automatic File Delivery System
Guarantees your team always has the most current version of your emergency management documents, manuals, procedures, and contact lists.

LOE | Level of Emergency
Easily determine, document and email your level of emergency consistent with each of the provincial regulations.

EDS | Emergency Documentation System
A completely interoperable communications solution. Instantly notify your response team, communicate, and share important information securely, while documenting every step of the process.

LT | Lease Tracker
Deploy resources to wells, facilities, and emergency sites safely and efficiently.

MARS | Mapping and Response System
The essential public safety tool. This easy-to-use Mapping and Response System, rich in features, reduces notifications from hours to less than a minute.

Simply the easiest to use Mass Notification System in existence.