GIS / Mapping

A visual representation of critical information using the latest technology supports an effective emergency response and is a key component of overall Emergency Management. 

Effective maps allow users to visualize, understand, and interpret information in ways vital to responding to an incident. In the event of an emergency, our clients can efficiently determine who is affected and what response should be provided. This is done with the help of a variety of mapping products ranging from various sizes of hardcopy maps to our interactive Mapping and Response System (MARS) program.

H2Safety has a skilled team of GIS professionals with extensive knowledge of both the Oil and Gas Industry and Emergency Response Planning. All members of the GIS Department are certified by various universities and colleges from across Canada. This experience helps the team develop products that enable responders to do their job in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Service Details

The GIS Department at H2Safety works with state of the art technology, software, and data to provide customers with custom oil and gas mapping products:

  • Site Specific / Production Maps
  • Topography Maps
  • Satellite Maps
  • Access Maps
  • Area Overview Maps
  • Pipeline Routing Maps
  • Variety of custom built maps
  • NEW – Resident Data for GPS Units

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