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Emergency Response Management

Emergency Response Management protects public safety and the environment by establishing a decision framework and action plan that enables a quick and effective response to any incident.

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Emergency Response Management

H2Safety Services Inc. is a Calgary-based company specializing in Emergency Response Management for the Oil and Gas Industry. The overall goal of an Emergency Response Plan is to protect public safety, worker safety, and minimize impacts to the environment through effective plan implementation. We develop Emergency Response Plans that are tailored to fit your company’s needs, and at the same time are fully compliant with all of the most current regulatory requirements.

We offer Site Specific Drilling, Completions/Workovers and Facility Emergency Response Plans (ERPs), Corporate ERPs, International ERPs, Environmental Emergency Plans (Canadian Environmental Protection Act requirement), Industrial Wildfire Control Plans (Alberta Sustainable Resource Development requirement) and Electronic ERPs (Internet, CD, PDA, and USB).

Not sure if you need an Emergency Response Plan - use our flowchart to determine when one is needed:
Production ERPs
Drilling ERPs

In addition to ERPs we offer a variety of services to complete your Emergency Response Management Program including, but not limited to: our Mapping and Response System (MARS), comprehensive Training Programs, Public Consultation Programs, and a GIS / Mapping department. The experienced staff at H2Safety are able to handle all aspects of Emergency Response Management in-house enabling you to have confidence in your ERP provider. Supplementary services include: release rate calculations, ground truthing and data collection via GPS, roving, web hosting, and online ERP tracking. Our goal is to work with your company to enhance existing processes and infrastructure.

H2Safety’s knowledgeable Project Managers work with our clients during all aspects of a project from the initial planning stages to training and exercises. We ensure that our clients clearly understand and are compliant with all applicable government requirements and work closely with various regulators including:

  • Alberta’s Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB)
  • British Columbia’s Oil and Gas Commission (OGC)
  • Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Energy and Resources (MER)
  • National Energy Board (NEB)
  • Environment Canada

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Introducing MARS

Our Mapping and Response System (MARS) will assist you with managing your emergency, anywhere in the world. MARS is the quickest, most efficient way to manage your emergency. Learn More

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