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H2Safety has spent years developing a first-rate GIS team that has gained vast experience by working in many industries like oil & gas, municipal, engineering, agriculture, and government agencies, in many different locations worldwide. We have combined our vast knowledge and experience to develop and deliver effective solutions to each client’s spatial problem.

By using the latest GIS technology (we are an ESRI partner) and data, we effectively deliver a custom solution to each client in a cost-effective manner that they are completely satisfied with. We pride ourselves on providing consistent, top-notch customer service that focuses on our customer’s needs first. We believe that our in-depth expertise, fast response, and ethical business standards are what set us apart from our competitors. 

Not sure what you need to solve the problem? Meet with us and let us know the issue, and we will develop a custom solution.

Emergency Planning Products

Leaders in Emergency Planning Maps and Products! H2Safety has been doing Emergency Planning for 14 years and currently has over a hundred GIS clients throughout the oil and gas, government, education, industrial, and environmental sectors. Staff with 100-plus years of experience can create any kind of map for emergency planning including the following:

  • Emergency Response Plan Overview Map more...

    This map provides a visual representation of all locations for client operations covered by a specific emergency response plan. The purpose of this map is to provide users the ability to identify their company assets and emergency planning zones in relation to major towns and cities, major highways, provincial boundaries, First Nations, provincial parks, and major water bodies. These maps often cover a large area so they are printed on large format paper to be hung on the wall in the incident command center.

  • Site-Specific Map more...

    The site-specific map focuses on a specific area of the client’s emergency response plan. Generally, this map covers a couple townships of land but does not use a set scale as every map is different and it is important to use the best extent for users. For sour operations, the map detail includes, but is not limited to, showing surface locations, emergency shut down valves, areas of interest, roads, client assets and other map features impacted by an emergency planning zone and the surrounding area. Third-party operations in the area are also identified on the map. We can also include satellite imagery or elevation data in the background. This detailed map type provides a good understanding of the impact of each emergency planning zone to the surrounding area.

  • Access Maps more...

    The purpose of an access map is to provide good directions and a visual route for emergency services to use to efficiently guide them into the site. Our field technicians ground truth the roads in the area to ensure the directions provided with the access map are accurate. They collect data like road names, mileage markers, areas of interest, and radio frequencies for radio controlled roads, all of which are applied to the map. As part of our vigorous quality control system we review the route and directions with the client operators in the area to ensure the map is correct.

  • Operations Overview Maps more...

    Operations Overview maps are a great organizational tool for any company with assets or land dispersed over a large area. These maps clearly identify all operating areas anywhere in the world, and can be broken down and colour-coded to compliment your company’s organizational structure. These maps are a one-stop-shop to outline all ERP, site-specific, and operating areas, as well as including contact information for operators, foremen, and other important personnel at each site. Include this map in your headquarters to gain a complete visual overview of your organization and operations.

  • Drilling Map more...

    Drilling maps can be used for both sour and sweet drilling operations and during any stage of drilling and completions. They clearly identify the emergency planning zone or assigned hazard area for your drilling operations. Additional important features, such as the lease area, roadblock locations, surface developments, and drilling paths are overlaid onto current imagery or detailed GIS basemaps. Our drilling maps comply with site-specific ERP mapping guidelines.

  • Geographical Response Plan Maps more...

    Spilling into any waterbody is a major concern and liability for oil and gas operators. Our Geographical Response Plan mapping is an ideal product to make sure your organization is prepared to respond to such an incident. These maps identify your company’s high risk water crossings, as well as all existing or possible control points downstream from potential spill sites. H2Safety calculates average surface velocity rates for watercourses impacted downstream to determine the rate and distance at which your spill will travel. Kilometre markers, time-lapsed, access points and more are all visualized on our GIS mapping to help you make the right decisions on spill response.

  • Spill Inundation Mapping more...

    Whether you are concerned with your own infrastructure or natural waterbodies, H2Safety specializes in mapping your potential spill hazards. Spill Inundation maps use surface topography and elevation within proximity to your site to model and clearly display the potential hazards and aftermath of an on-site spill.

  • Response Time Mapping more...

    Using specialized GIS Analysis tools, we can determine and display the response time to an incident from multiple locations. We create time interval buffers based on complex transportation routing algorithms and overlay them on an overview map so that the end user has a good estimate of response time.

  • Pipeline System Schematic more...

    The focus of the pipeline system schematic is the connectivity of the gathering system. Things like pipeline identification, substance type, diameter size, valve locations, to and from locations, flow direction and third-party tie-ins are shown in detail on this map type. Schematics provide a great overview of the client’s operations.

  • Plume Modelling Maps
  • Rail Spill Impact Maps
  • Flood Impact Maps
  • Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) Maps, with various inputs and EPZ sizes
  • Pipeline Profile Maps
  • Aerial Maps
  • Emergency Planning Maps
  • Facility Plot Plans
  • Environment Canada (E2) Maps
  • Pipeline Integrity Maps
  • Regulatory Maps, showing consultation and notification zones
  • Project Planning Maps, including routes and impacts
  • Fire Planning Maps

Emergency Response Products

MARS (Mapping and Response System) is your essential public safety tool for emergency management. It reduces notifications from hours to less than a minute.

MARS can be used from anywhere in the world. It applies a graphic interface to identify your Planning and Response Zones, then provides a list of affected government agencies, residents, businesses, and other surface developments within each zone, including their contact information. MARS’ callout feature is an automated emergency alert system that initiates thousands of phone calls in under a minute, managing each response.

Using MARS is the most cost-effective and efficient way to manage your emergency. The public will enjoy peace of mind knowing they’ll be immediately notified of an emergency, and you’ll reduce the loss of valuable time and resources, increase control, and most importantly—protect your stakeholders.

Paper Map Products

We specialize in developing custom map products utilizing GIS technology and specially developed cartographic map standards. We have access to a vast inventory of GIS datasets, spatial imagery and digital elevation models that can be utilized to produce a custom map of your specified area. We can print maps of nearly any size in-house, reducing end-user project cost.

Web Based Map Products

When you’re ready to push your maps to the web, H2Safety can help push! Through our partnership with ESRI Canada, we can develop and implement custom web-based mapping applications for any client in any industry. We can provide client-specific web-based login to your own web-based map portal and provide you with easy to use map tools and multi-user editing capabilities. Geospatial data can easily be added so clients can see control points, helicopter landing spots, equipment caches, etc. Existing data can easily be migrated or converted to exist within this system ensuring no loss of data. Resident data collected through thousands of yearly consultations is part of our existing dataset, which is constantly maintained and updated.

Consulting & Audit Services

Maybe you need your own GIS in-house but not sure where to start? Let our team discuss your requirements and develop an implementation strategy based on your needs and budget.

Already have GIS but not sure your money has been well-spent? We can audit your team, software, hardware, and processes to identify potential weaknesses. We will provide you with a report documenting our findings and provide you with a plan to move forward that ensures you are getting the most out of your GIS. We will work with your GIS team directly to ensure that your productivity increases while reducing costs. We will also provide specific training to your team.

GIS Training

We can provide client-specific training to your team to help ensure they understand what you are trying to accomplish.

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